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Hammond Pole

Established in 1981, Hammond Pole has grown to a team of over 450 employees, all dedicated to offering exceptional service as bound by the legal and ethical standards of the Law Society of South Africa. Fully compliant with legislative and industry laws and regulations, Hammond Pole maintains its proud tradition of superior legal outcomes while reflecting the diversity of South Africa with its BEE Level 2 accredited rating.

Intelligent Conveyancing

In our commitment to providing an end-to-end solution for your property transactions, we have partnered with Gauteng's leading law firm, Hammond Pole Attorneys. With a solid reputation for delivering specialist legal solutions, Hammond Pole's impressive portfolio includes a wide variety of corporate and commercial services, with a particular focus on property-related transactions.


The Conveyancing department, comprising more than 60 professionals, ensures meticulous handling of all documents throughout the conveyancing process, offering our clients a convenient 'one-stop conveyancing shop'.

Commitment to Excellence

Our partnership with Hammond Pole represents a commitment to delivering superior service in all property transactions. With its excellent performance record, advanced systems, and commitment to continuous improvement, Hammond Pole adds exceptional value to our platform, meeting and exceeding our clients' expectations.

Contact us today for your Intelligent Conveyancing solution - a seamless, professional, and efficient way to navigate your property transactions.

Join Us On The Journey

At the intersection of technology, innovation, and excellence, you'll find our intelligent conveyancing service, powered by Hammond Pole. Their long-standing reputation in the legal field, coupled with our groundbreaking property platform, ensures that you experience a property transaction process that's smooth, secure, and seamless.

Harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology, we're creating a future where property transactions are not just transactions but empowering experiences. We invite you to join us on this journey, where every step you take in the world of real estate is backed by a team dedicated to surpassing your expectations. With us, you'll find not just a service, but a partner. Together, let's redefine the landscape of property transactions.

Experience the difference. Experience intelligent conveyancing with us and Hammond Pole.

The Property Transfer Process

The Purchaser

Transfer cost

Money to be paid to the attorneys handling the property transfer.

Bond registration cost

Money to be paid to the attorney handling the registration of the mortgage bond.

Occupational rental

Money to be paid to the seller if the buyer moves in before the property registration is completed.

Transfer duty
Money to be paid to the South African Revenue Service.

The Seller

Property Practitioner's Fee

Agreed upon with the real estate agent.


Obtain necessary compliance certificates (e.g., electrical, Beetle, Gas, Electric Fence, Plumbing if applicable).

Rates Clearance Certificate

Settle outstanding amounts to the municipality, including a 60-day advance.

Levy Clearance Certificate

Obtain confirmation of no outstanding levies from the Body Corporate or Homeowner's Association.

Bond Cancellation Costs

Pay fees to cancel any existing registered bond, irrespective of the loan balance.

Trusted Partner

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