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immigrating to Dubai

what you need to know

explore the vibrant culture of dubai

dubai is a melting pot of cultures with a rich heritage and modern lifestyle. explore traditional arts, crafts, and festivals alongside contemporary arts and entertainment

traditional festivals

celebrate eid, diwali, and the dubai shopping festival

arts and crafts

visit the dubai museum, al fahidi historical district, and alserkal avenue for contemporary art

local cuisine

enjoy a culinary journey with emirates cuisine and international flavors at top restaurants

introduction to dubai

dubai, a vibrant city known for its ultramodern architecture, luxury shopping, and lively nightlife, offers an exceptional quality of life. it is an attractive destination for expatriates due to its tax-free income, high safety standards, and diverse cultural environment

frequently asked questions

How can I find and apply for courses in Dubai?

Use the handy course search function on the Study Dubai website to search for courses of all levels by institution.

Can students work while studying in Dubai?

Yes, you can work while studying in Dubai’s universities. Please visit our Earn and Learn page to know more

When do admissions start?

Universities often accept two cohorts per year (September and January). Registration starts four to six months earlier and remains open, while places are available until the beginning of the term. Visit the university’s website to find the dates for registration and admissions.

Where can I find information on scholarships and financial aid for studying in Dubai?

There are several different types of scholarships available, which you can find on Study Dubai’s website. Here are some of the most common options available to you: Financial Aid: there are many criteria and depends on what the university offers Education loan through some banks (this is subject to the university’s preferred bank) Flexible payment plans (period up to 10 months or is subject to university’s rules) Wide range of discounts on: accommodation, transportation, meal plans and other expenses There are many more student privileges and discounts but it varies from one university to another – it’s always worth to narrow your search selection to your preferred universities so you can easily check them out and find what is best for you.

What are the processes and procedures to obtain a visa?

Students from outside the UAE will need to apply for a Student Residency Visa. Student Affairs offices at universities will facilitate the process to assist students with their visa. Please note that students may also be required to provide evidence of current medical insurance. GCC nationals do not require a visa

What are the accommodation options available in Dubai?

There are many affordable accommodation options for you and in strategic locations near popular educational hubs. Please visit our Accommodation page to know more

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